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Welcome to Piece of Minds Clinical Hypnotherapy Training School, my name is Susan Lawrence.

My training syllabus is based on sound knowledge, essential skills and experience to enable you to master the day to day conditions you will face once you have qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist.

This course also offers you a unique insight into NLP, EFT, Pain Control, Hypnobirthing/fertility, recording CD’s, Anxiety/stress relief & Reiki and has a low delegate ratio to tutors to ensure personal contact with mentors. I either teach 1:1 or 1:2 and there is usually a second tutor on hand to help too. Together we are able to cover not only the usual requirements in the syllabus but also as there is only 1 or 2, we cover more advanced topics so you don’t need to pay for expensive courses elsewhere once you have qualified.

Places on each course are limited as we operate in a small group only to enable all our participants to work closely with our tutors. The benefit of working alongside our tutors  in small groups, is to allow you to perfect your technique and therefore gain confidence and personal enrichment. We have real clients in our training so you benefit from interaction from early in your syllabus. We are also able to offer training at weekends or in the week and are flexible in our approach.

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What is involved?

I have known Susan Lawrence on a personnel and professional basics for almost 4 years now and find her a very confident and professional therapist. She always presents her work well and is a very good teacher in what she does, having helped and taught me in the past. I have great respect for her as a Hypnotherapist, friend and as a teacher and wish her all the best.

I am extremely lucky to have Susan not only as a friend but as a great mentor. She helped me enormously in all aspects of my Masters Degree a couple of years ago and I’m sure that without her there would have been no way I could of continued on the course (I hadn’t actually ever done an undergraduate degree so didn’t know what to expect). Her approach to explaining things is second to none and her guidance is invaluable. She has the knack of simplifying things so that they can be easily understood. I will be forever in her debt! Thank you Susan for everything.

Susan has given me one to one help with my homework for a course I was doing at college. She is patient, calm and guided me through the questions really well so that I understood what it actually was asking for. She gave me ideas in how to set out the answer and how to research to see what had already been written. All in all a really good tutor. Without her help i wouldn’t of succeeded, Thank you Susan.

To whom It May Concern,
I have known Susan for some years now and she is a wonderful teacher. 
She has inspired me and provided support for me in my teaching
profession too.
She is reliable, honest, caring and always displays integrity and
dedication in ALL aspects of her work.
I would not hesitate to recommend her professionally and wish her luck
in her career.

I feel very fortunate to have met sue who in a short space of time has given me so much confidence and extremely good guidance to push my practise forward. Her caring and considerate nature comes across as soon as you talk to her and nothing is to much to ask. Her advice is clear and extremely productive and is always forward thinking. I thank her for all the help she has given me. I can see why she is such a good therapist.

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